Frequently Asked Questions

What are your camp hours?  

Our camp runs 9am - 3:30pm Monday-Friday*. We offer extended day options from 8am-6pm. *Friday afternoon is the 4pm camp gig, which lasts about an hour. The Friday MiniKeys gig (for campers ages 4-5) starts at 3:45pm and lasts about 15-20 minutes.  

Can my child sign up with a friend? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we offer “Buddy Bands” where you are able to find 5 friends (plus your child) and make a band for any week you’d like (or more!) How is my child grouped into a band? Your child is grouped by age AND ability. And yes, we welcome beginners and nurture any opportunity to explore all of the instruments. We find that to be very important for beginners and our littlest campers.  

How much does camp cost? $695, with a 5% family discount off of your total tuition if more than one sibling signs up. What is the camp cancellation policy? Cancellation received 30+ days prior to your 1st day of camp = full refund, minus non-refundable $95 deposit Cancellation received 14-29 days prior to your 1st day of camp = 50% refund, minus non-refundable $95 deposit Cancellation received 13 or fewer days prior to your 1st day of camp camp = no refund  

What if my child misses camp due to illness? We're sorry; we are unable to credit or refund for camps missed due to illness.  

Can my child take a private lesson? Yes! We offer private lessons during the day as an option at 11AM or 11:30AM. Your child will still go to the park on their lesson day, just not for the full hour. We offer private lessons on Guitar/Bass, Voice, Piano, and Drums, and they come in a package of 2 lessons: on MON/WED or TUES/THURS. The private lesson package costs an extra $80 on top of your camp week tuition.  

Can I drop off early or pick up late? Of course! We offer extended day options with drop-off as early as 8AM and late pick-up as late as 6PM ($100 for the week). The Extended Day early drop off/late pickup is ONE service, and includes Monday-Thursday, as well as Friday morning. (Friday afternoon is the 4pm camp gig, no extended day available). Click here to learn more about extended day! *Please note our late pickup policy: If a camper is picked up after 6:05pm, a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged to the credit card on file.  

Does my child need to bring a lunch? Yes! Kids need to bring lunch + 2 snacks  

Does my child need bring an instrument? Nope! Our band studio is fully equipped and ready to rock!  

What should my child wear to camp? Relaxed clothing that allows them to move freely and easily...and please bring a change of clothes, just in case they play in the sprinklers at the park!  

Is there a concert? At BMF we don’t have formal concerts, but we do have an end of the week gig on Friday at 4PM sharp, in which the campers rock out to what they’ve been working on all week!  

What do they do at your camp? At BMF Summer Camp your child spends 5 days exploring music, songwriting and instruments through teacher-led, game-based music activities – a curriculum developed by our co-founders Nate and Peira. We begin each day at 9AM with a giant drum circle that includes all campers and then we go into morning rehearsals. Mid-morning, we take a break to run around at the park and eat lunch across the street. We offer 30-minute private lessons during this time for those of you who opt in for those; don’t worry, kids will still get plenty of park time, as the lessons are just half an hour. The in-camp private lessons are a great supplement to your child’s camp week and a surefire way to get them feeling super-confident and excited for the end-of-week gig! At noon, we head to Brooklyn Boulders to climb for an hour, then we head back to BMF for the afternoon snack and drum circle #2. After the afternoon rehearsal, there is a second snack time. We end the day with one more in-class rehearsal. 3:30PM is pick-up, and those who take advantage of our extended day program hang out until 6PM. On Friday, instead of Brooklyn Boulders, the RWR groups record their original tunes and we have a pizza party and t-shirt signing leading up to the big show!  

What do kids do during extended day? Extended day is led by a BMF staff member. Students first have some personal down time after camp. There are group activities including jamming together with the teacher, creating artwork, and playing group music games together. We offer extended day hours as one service. Drop off Monday-Friday as early as 8AM and late pick-up (Monday- Thursday) until 6PM. Cost: $100 for the week.

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