Come make music with us this summer!  

summer camp brooklyn music factory

Grow confidence

... by playing a gig! At one day and weeklong camps, campers of all ages will perform their original songs with their bands in front of a cheering—and VERY SUPPORTIVE—crowd. Kids LOVE showing off their new skills for friends, family, and each other.


Build community

... by joining a band! Kids join our fun, music-loving community and learn how to work together in a supportive group setting. Groups are small: no more than 6 kids per band! And we have bands for total beginners and experienced rockers too.

Music Camps at Brooklyn Music Factory

summer camp brooklyn music factory

Nurture creativity

... by writing songs! Through our game-based curriculum, bands write lots and lots of original songs. There’s a special feeling of accomplishment kids get when playing a song they wrote together—and all campers get to enjoy it. No experience required!

Get physical

... by climbing at Brooklyn Boulders and going to the park! BMF is very fortunate to have Brooklyn Boulders right across the street and Thomas Greene Park on the corner. Our kids run, climb, and play daily, no matter the weather.

summer camp brooklyn music factory rock climbing

summer camp brooklyn music factory

Stay safe

...with the BMF pro faculty. BMF teachers and staff are trained to make camp fun AND safe for all campers. Proven safety procedures, a nut-free facility, CPR-certified leaders, and more create the safest environment possible!

Have fun!

At BMF, we want our campers to have the time of their lives! Every activity, whether writing a song with your band or playing in the park, is designed for maximum fun!

Jam Band 101

Come make some music with us!  

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