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Kids can get bored or frustrated with music lessons and struggle to stick with them. (Sound familiar?) Our curriculum motivates kids to play more music on their own and with others, encourages creative songwriting, and includes lots and lots of games—so kids are inspired to grow into lifelong music makers!

“Our whole family loves BMF. Their teachers are wonderful loving professional musicians. The vibe is fun and full of joy and support. The gigs are great with teachers and students on stage jamming. Melts your heart! These guys have their hearts in the right place. My son has become a passionate drummer and band member."

- Tashya, a Brooklyn Mom  

“We've done camp, band lessons and private lessons. My kids love going to music class. Your teachers are relatable to both kids and parents, they know the kids by name and they make making music FUN! We love BMF!”  

- Megan, a BMF Mom

Our Approach 

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➜ We grow confident, creative, and communicative musicians ready to jam with others 

We follow our own unique lesson architecture that challenges every student to use their ears before their eyes as they solve the puzzle of music. And every step in a student’s discovery is accompanied by the teacher jamming along with them. We grow confident, creative, and communicative musicians ready to jam with others.  

➜ Our lessons feel nothing like the traditional lesson

We achieve success through a series of games that teach students the tools they need to make music with others. Game-based learning keeps our lessons fun and effective. Our lessons feel nothing like the traditional lesson.

➜ Learning music should be fun

Music is ridiculously fun. Forget about the piano lessons you took as a kid that you begged to quit for years. Fun is one of the main two motivators for a child and there’s nothing more fun than playing music with your peers. These band classes are a blast!  

➜ Music builds confidence

Music builds confidence. Every part of a musical group is essential and being part of that big picture is huge. Whether it’s one note , or a massive solo, the group needs you and pulling that off builds confidence. Huge confidence.  

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“My son has cycled through a series of attempts to get started in music. He has always been interested, but we could never get him going with it in a sustainable way. However, this fall we found BMF. Now my son plays constantly. He almost always has his guitar in hand. His confidence is growing and now he is even singing! we are shocked by the transformation and so proud of him. I can only credit this to the amazing teachers and experience he is having at BMF.”  

- Annie, a BMF Mom

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